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About Us
Mednova ( Mednova Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. ) located in the high-tech zone of Hangzhou, the most beautiful city of China, is a developer and a provider of modern digital medical imaging systems and solutions.

Mednova’s great expertise and innovation capabilities in medical imaging technologies and systems leads to the birth of a whole new generation of digital x-rays machines:Staray DR systems. Staray offers the highest cost-to-performance ratio that the world will soon appreciate,for its great image quality,its ease of use,its durability,as well as its low cost. Staray is designed to exactly satisfy the needs from the medical imaging markets worldwide: digital, high performance and low cost. 

In fact, Mednova’s Staray DR systems are just the first step towards the realization of a brand new and highly effective modern digital imaging platform. Mednova’s Micro Dose Digital Mammography and Digital panoramic machine, as well as Digital Vet DR have been launched during 2012 to 2014.A wave of new low-cost digital medical imaging systems based on that platform will also be rolled out in the coming years. They will play an increasingly important, sometimes even decisive  role for replacing all less effective analogimaging equipment with fully digital systems.

Since most key components are developed in-house, Mednova is capable of providing a wide range of customized systems and solutions based on specific needs of our customers at a low cost. To distributors end users worldwide, Mednova can providefully customized high performance and low cost systems to meet your needs and budget. To current DR makers, Mednova can provide key components, such as CCD DR detector and the software, to significantly lower your DR system cost. To companies with limited development capabilities or with simply too high costs of manufacturing, Mednova can provide turn-key OEM and ODM solutions, which will significantly shorten the product development cycle or greatly lower the product manufacturing costs, so they can focus on marketing and sales of medical systems, save lots of R&D costs, and virtually eliminate the high risks of possible development failures. Mednova would like to invite anyone who is interested in digital medical image systems and solutions to participate in this win-win business partnership. 

Mednova’s grand goal is to make great medical digital imaging systems affordable for every hospital in the world!
Company:Mednova Medical Technologies Co., Ltd        Address:677 Binkang Road, Hangzhou, China
Postal Code:310053      Web:www.mednova.com.cn